Embracing Transformation Using Intelligent Data
Date & Time
Thursday, June 13, 2019, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Richard Cramer
The signs of disruption in the healthcare industry are everywhere: Massive mergers. Major employers test driving new data-driven employee-based population health and preventive care programs. A major online retailer acquiring a pharmacy benefits administrator.
It’s an exciting and transformational time for the healthcare market. Patients can benefit from better information about health choices. Physicians can be more confident about treatment plans with greater visibility into outcomes. Even the potential to realize the promise of personalized medicine and targeted therapies without risking patient privacy.
Faced with all of the challenges and complexities of today’s healthcare environment, how can you accomplish your mission?
One theme is clear: Data is the future of healthcare. During this session, I’ll help you understand:
  • How data is the driving force underlying emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, (AI); analytics and applications in the cloud
  • Why you must manage data as a strategic, enterprise asset to improve decision-making speed and accuracy, and promote more seamless change management
  • What the five key areas are that are critical for successful data management within your organization
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