Designing a Strategy for Healthcare Security, Resiliency and Continuity: Proactively Protecting Your Entire Connected Infrastructure
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM
Gnanaprakasam Pandian

In today’s hyper-connected healthcare enterprise, the quantity and heterogeneity of devices connected to your enterprise network is massive – and rapidly growing.  Every area of your institution is a model of connectivity – critical medical, security, facilities and enterprise devices all need access to data in order to aid in the continuing delivery of quality care.  While these devices all represent an opportunity to continually improve patient care, institutional efficiency, and physical security, they also represent potential points of vulnerability. 

Developing a strategy of proactive protection of these devices – and the network to which they are connected – is essential to the security, resiliency and continuity of your healthcare organization’s operations.  However, these devices represent an unique challenge in that they cannot be regulated and secured with traditional agent-based network security solutions. This new era of hyper-connectivity requires a new approach, utilizing your existing best-of-breed network and security infrastructure for enforcement of very sophisticated and granular policies that effectively regulate and control the communication behavior of every class of device.  It is only through this strategy of proactive protection that you can fully take control of your connected infrastructure, increasing network security, building unbeatable system resiliency, and ensuring the continuity of quality healthcare delivery and institutional operations.

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