Full Name
John Freund
Job Title
President and CEO
Jump Technologies
Speaker Bio
John joined Jump Technologies as President and CEO in 2000 and envisioned a broader market application for its products. With his team, John transformed the company from a consumer-focused technology company to a company with a supply chain product family used by 20,000 companies across the US.

In 2005 the company launched offerings in the healthcare industry in partnership with a major distributor. After seeing the struggles in healthcare supply chain first-hand, John decided to focus exclusively on delivering technology for reimagining the healthcare supply chain for hospitals across the US.

John is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience starting technology companies. Most notably, he co-founded ShowCase Corporation, which provided business intelligence and analytics for the retail industry. Working with his team, John helped grow the company and taking it public in 1998 with a market cap of over $90 million. IBM later acquired ShowCase in a deal that consolidated SPSS and ShowCase into an IBM-owned company.

John has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a minor in computer science from Winona State University. He was named Distinguished Young Alumni in 2008. He remains connected to his alma mater through an organization he founded called Stage One Group. This organization connects students with business mentors to help entrepreneurs launch companies.
John Freund