Sustainable Construction and the Evolving Standard of Care

New certification systems attempt to define—and often place different parameters around—what is "sustainable." Many of these requirements are finding their way from voluntary to mandatory as they are incorporated into various infrastructure projects, regulations, planning codes, and design requirements. These "green" concepts can establish new mandatory baselines for environmental performance and project goals, which are fundamentally different from the objectives of traditional design.

However, "green" design still being in its infancy can mean uncharted design issues and risk management complications. At the forefront are engineers, municipal officials, architects, contractors, construction managers, and other building professionals who must implement a new methodology without the benefit of trusted design standards, years of practical application, or established court rulings.

Join us for this educational webinar as speaker Jean Terry (Partner at Gordon & Rees) reviews roles and responsibilities in this new environment and the potential impact on the design standard of care and liability implications. 


This course will discuss

  • Understand how green building can cause liability for building professionals
  • Discuss current statutes and regulations that impact green liability
  • Learn how to safeguard against that liability
  • Explore how our current system of construction will be forced to change in order to accommodate green building principles
Jean M. Terry
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)