Full Name
Andrew (Andy) Reese
Job Title
Andrew Reese LLC
Speaker Bio
Andy is a recognized international leader in the development of local stormwater programs, LID design, green infrastructure, and financing studies for local government, including participating in and managing the development of over 25 stormwater utilities.

He is a popular writer, speaker, and meeting facilitator, having led over fifty citizen groups across the United States with focuses on stormwater utilities, master planning, ordinance development, design criteria, and more. His approach was written about in the Harvard-MIT Consensus Magazine and published in Japanese in a national planning journal. He has often been called in to help resolve disagreements and reach consensus between parties such as developers and property owners, environmental concerns and local governments, and flood victims seeking better protection.

His responsibilities have included management of large and complex municipal stormwater program developments; hydraulic engineering research; teaching at Vanderbilt University; conducting short courses nationally on stormwater management, performing water quality studies, and regulatory compliance; serving as an instructor for Corps of Engineers training in computer modeling, channel design, spillway design, and other subjects; performing financial studies for development of stormwater utilities; developing ordinances and regulations; facilitating discussions; developing and executing public awareness programs; software development and computer modeling; and design.
Andrew (Andy) Reese