Full Name
Erin Zaske
Job Title
Chief Development Officer
Speaker Bio
Erin Zaske is the Chief Development Officer and a Certified Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance Professional for the leading stormwater and lift station management provider in the United States and Puerto Rico. As the corporate development leader for AQUALIS, Erin seeks to increase stormwater and wastewater awareness amongst property owners, provide innovative services and solutions to maintain existing water management assets, address aging infrastructure and disrupt the stormwater and wastewater market with new emerging technology offerings.

Erin has more than 15 years of business and brand development experience in the stormwater, sanitary, construction and manufacturing industries. She also serves on the Board of Directors for StormSensor, a monitoring technology that tracks the effects of climate change and reduces the vulnerability of communities’ stormwater and wastewater infrastructure.
Erin Zaske