Full Name
Melany Merryman RHIA, BA, MSL
Job Title
Director, Health Information Management & Clinical Documentation Improvement Departments
Torance Memorial Medical Center
Speaker Bio
Melany Merryman, RHIA, MSL, is the immediate past president and board member of the California Health Information Association (CHIA). She is also the Director of Health Information Management and Clinical Documentation and Coding Integrity for Torrance Memorial Medical Center. With over 40 years of experience, Melany describes her career as spanning three states, three vendors, and twelve health care organizations. During that time, she received a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Administration from The College of St. Scholastica (Duluth, Minnesota). In 2015, she completed a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership from Stephens College (Columbia, Missouri). In 2017, Melany received the CHIA Mentor award for her long history of working with students from several colleges and universities in California and other parts of the country.
Melany Merryman