California Virtual Summit + Cybersecurity Forum

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021   |  Virtual Program

The Healthcare Innovation Summit Series promote improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare by sharing best practices from organizations who are leading change by championing technology, innovation, and culture shifts in their institutions. For more than eleven years the Healthcare Innovation Summit Series has helped healthcare professionals connect you with your peers to share stories about the people, process and technology changes that are being successfully championed in your organizations to improve the delivery of care. The Healthcare Innovation Cybersecurity Forum Series takes place within the Healthcare Innovation Summit Series in select cities in 2021. Each Cybersecurity Forum will explore a select number of topics through panels, presentations, and fireside chats. 


Welcome to the California Virtual Summit + Cybersecurity Forum

Virtual Session Descriptions

Advancing Health Equity through Health Data & Infrastructure – The Role of the Health Information Professional
Tailboard Talk
Tailboard Talk


The goal of this panel is to explore the health information management professional’s role to advance health equity in healthcare. Panelists will discuss how improved collection, standardization, exchange, and reporting of data can support efforts to better identify and address health inequities. Panelists will discuss the current challenges healthcare organizations and governments face in comprehensively collecting and reporting data on race, ethnicity, and social determinants, highlight the role of public-private partnerships in driving consensus-based standards, and identify policy solutions.  Panelists will also discuss how the healthcare infrastructure and technologies can best support patients’ overall needs, through increased access to care and information, care coordination, and privacy protections.

Healthcare Executives Panel on Ransomware Threats
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Health Systems continue to be exposed to ransomware attacks during the global pandemic with increased impact to patient care and exposure to large global integrated health delivery systems.  Patients have recognized significant patient care impacts such as rescheduled surgeries, increased patient wait times, delayed COVID-19 test results, and challenges filling prescription medications.  This presentation will provide healthcare executives a guide to understanding how their organization is positioned to protect against emerging ransomware threats.
Learning Objectives
•    Provide thought leadership to current cyber security events
•    Share industry experience and how they have impacted health systems.
•    Educate leaders on what core security program elements should be foundationally in place.



Health Equity: Data, Processes & Strategy Disruption in Healthcare
Keynote Presentation
Keynote Presentation
Leveraging Timely Data to Achieve Population Health Success


What are the most advanced strategies these days around care management for patients with chronic conditions? This panel will explore what the leaders of the most pioneering patient care organizations are doing to reimagine care management aimed at population health management. Find out what the biggest learnings have been so far, and where this critical area is headed.
Payers and providers are moving forward to collaborate around population health management, through the integration of care management processes, the sharing of clinical and claims data, and the development of value-based contracting that incents physicians and others to do the best they can to improve the health status of covered populations. Find out what the latest developments and learnings have been.

Managing Operations in a Shifting Operational Landscape
Provider Spotlight
Provider Spotlight

At Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital in Los Angeles, agility is an absolutely key element in all operational management. Jonathan Westall, Vice President of Ancillary Services at MLK Hospital, will share with the audience his insights and perspectives on how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped how he and his colleagues manage their facility’s operations, in a time of constantly shifting needs and demands.

The New Reality of Securing Healthcare
Tailboard Talk
Tailboard Talk

Attendees will benefit from a broad-based discussion of some of the most important trends in cybersecurity n U.S. healthcare right now. Among the key issues to be discussed:

  • An examination of the current landscape around intensifying threat vectors for patient care organizations nationwide
  • The need to develop an overarching strategy to address all relevant elements in the current operating landscape, rather than responding reactively
  • A strong look at the armory of key tools available to combat malware/ransomware attacks, including network micro-segmentation, auditing of system backups, behavioral monitoring, and the engagement of external consultants, including security operations centers (SOCs)
  • The concept of a zero-trust strategy, and what it means in practice
  • Investing in systems, tools, and applications: opportunities and pitfalls
  • Federal policy around cybersecurity and its impact on operations
  • Gaining c-suite support for investment in cybersecurity
  • Core staffing issues
  • Peering into the future in this critical area
Unified View of Healthcare Data: A Strategic Perspective
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Transparency of patient information, information sharing, longitudinal patient data, eliminating drop-offs, improving outcomes, minimizing clinical’s staff EHR burnout… All these areas of healthcare are dependent on the free flow and usability of data between internal and external systems. As the healthcare participants focus on digital transformation efforts, they will have to address data governance, impact of various factors on the workforce, more ‘person-enabled’ health, use of predictive analytics. 
In this discussion, subject matter experts from CYBX and Denodo will focus on the ‘what’ and ‘how’:

•    How this should not be viewed as a one-time project, a single technical ‘fix’ 
•    How, rather, to implement it as a strategy: designed, incrementally reviewed, implemented, and adjusted, as part of the overall healthcare process
•    We will ask participants to provide their own views. Let’s have a dialogue!

Value Movement: Fierce New Debate on Direction
Keynote Presentation
Keynote Presentation
What Digital Transformation Looks Like in Healthcare
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Industry partner spotlights feature engaging, passionate speakers whose talks expose new ideas in healthcare that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to current and future industry trends. Presentations will explore novel and counterintuitive approaches to solving the many complex problems facing our health system.



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