Full Name
Christopher Liljenstople
Job Title
Sr. Director, PM & Architecture, Cisco Networking
Speaker Bio
As a Sr. Director for Product at Cisco Systems, Christopher is currently responsible for product architecture and management in the container, kubernetes, and sustainability areas of data center networking and infrastructure. He also hold Cisco's seat on the Linux Foundation's Project Open19 / SSI board, co-leading the development of open, scalable, sustainable data center infrastructure. Prior to his tenure at Cisco, Christopher was the creator of the dominant Kubernetes networking stack, Project Calico, and co-founder of Tigera, Inc. He has been chief architect of iMCI / C&W and Telstra, as well as the APAC IP CTO for Alcatel. He has occasionally forgotten how fun it is to herd cats and agreed to co-chair IETF working groups. Early in his career he ran all the on and off continent networks for the US Antarctic program, spending a lot of time time with the climetologists learning just how badly screwed we were as the diesel generators that kept the base going were running in the distance. A fun side-note - the leading cause of IT equipment failure at South Pole is... heat. Air really is a horrid heat transfer fluid.
Christopher Liljenstople