The Readiness of Nuclear in the Data Center Industry

As data centers continue to grow in size and quantity, the need for more and more electricity is inevitable. Additionally, the need for carbon free energy and the projected gap in electricity generation calls for alternative solutions. Hence, nuclear. Specifically, the idea of using Advanced Small Modular Reactors (SMR) is gaining popularity in conversation with data center operators and design engineers. This presentation will showcase the Readiness of Nuclear for Data Centers. The audience will learn about the different technologies, key players, regulations, and the head and tailwinds associated with deploying nuclear and SMRs. We will also look at the current and projected energy production of nuclear in comparison to other energy production fuels. At the end we will provide additional resources that will allow the audience to further expand their knowledge around this topic. In summary, the future will tell if we will see the first SMRs on a Data Center site generating its own power by the end of this decade.