Addressing the Pain Points of the Hyperscale Ecosystem

With a minimum of five thousand servers on a ten thousand square foot or larger footprint, hyperscale data centers are continually challenged by increasing bandwidth, storage, computing power, and speed requirements. The rapid scalability that defines hyperscale computing can only be accomplished through a combination of new hardware (horizontal scaling) and improved performance of existing data centers (vertical scaling).

Finding the talent and resources to build or expand hyperscale data centers is a pain point that only grows stronger as the scale increases, especially with aggressive installation timelines. This can lead to reduced or omitted fiber and system verification testing, exposing data centers to downstream failures and rework.

Given the massive scale and energy requirements, Internet content providers (ICPs), big data storage, and public cloud operators face growing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. With data centers already consuming approximately 3% of the world’s electricity and emitting a volume of CO2 comparable to the airline industry, clean energy conversion and net-zero carbon footprint commitments are on the rise.

This TechTalk will review how these challenges are addressed, where 5G fits in, and some of the use cases bringing to life the promise of hyperscale ecosystems.