Full Name
John Peterson
Job Title
Vice President, Design & Engineering
Speaker Bio
John is a specialist in energy and sustainable design for data centers and mission critical facilities. As a lead director for data center growth large and small, he has overseen developments from inception to completion to operation, ensuring project success while within budget and deadlines. For the data center community, he is experienced with advising, teaching, mentoring, consulting, and leading client discussion to quickly prioritize needs. John started at a small consulting firm, joining as the fifth member of the team, followed by joining a global firm to focus on sustainability and green projects. He found openings to work with different sustainability leaders who mentored and together developed a portfolio centered on technology and complex yet efficient projects. Among these project types, John began to focus on data centers as they began to ramp up in size, density, and complexity. Building on new roles and opportunities, he was able to improve data center performance and sustainability aspects for many different types of clients as well as lead offices and teams to do the same. Today John is in a position to continuously improve the world's largest data center fleets, surrounded by equally passionate people devoted to those same goals. He is involved in implementing the latest proven innovations and leading technology developments in an environment that is self-critical and supportive to advance data center performance and sustainability for customers, partners, and ourselves. John is able to set and reset the pace for what to expect for the data center standards of efficiency and performance by investigating every facet of the strategy, design, construction, and operation to help the data center industry create a better future. John has also been fortunate to give back as a speaker, teacher, and writer to help shape a growing, more sustainably focused community.
John Peterson