Modular Data Center Modernization for the Digital Infrastructure Horizon

For today's operators, modular design and construction solves for a range of infrastructure challenges. Prefabrication is the fast track to success for modular deployments, which include a hyperscale and colocation edge far more expansive, power hungry, and mission-critical than even optimists could’ve predicted. This roundtable will break modular data centers down into two clear categories:

  • Containerized – Data centers built into shipping container-sized packages that can be equipped and delivered on-site, ready to run. Such facilities are often broken down into multiple units, with the IT workload equipment in one container, and additional containers that house cooling, power, and increasingly, network switching equipment.
  • Modular – Prefabricated facilities including: packaged data center containers, designed to be added on or into existing data centers; and pre-built components that are shipped and delivered to a construction site for new data center builds or data center expansions.