Industry Partner Spotlight
Better Experiences, Better Security, Better Healthcare: How Leaders from CDOs to CISOs Can Exceed Digital Healthcare Requirements with Modern Identity

Healthcare is no longer confined to the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital. Today, networks of health technologies power connected digital ecosystems that have transformed care. 

Healthcare consumers (patients/members) now expect convenient, personalized experiences across all touchpoints. Doctors and other providers are also demanding digital solutions to help them save time and provide better care. At the same time, security, compliance, and trust is also mission critical.

To enable digital healthcare and differentiate your business requires a modern identity platform that serves as a single point of truth to unite and secure your organization. 

Join Steve Gwizdala, Vice President of Healthcare at ForgeRock, as he discusses how a modern identity platform can help healthcare executives from CISOs to CDOs to:

  • Integrate hybrid IT environments and unlock legacy systems
  • Deliver digital experiences that improve care, grow revenue, and retain employees
  • Mitigate risks and fraud across the organization
  • Secure data and manage relationships between people and IoMT devices
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and safely enable data sharing and interoperability
Janette Wider Steve Gwizdala