Full Name
Larry Armstrong
Job Title
Executive Director, Revenue Cycle Management
Speaker Bio
Larry Armstrong is a Process Expert experienced across a broad range of industries and companies. His business segment experience includes; healthcare, medical device, aerospace, automotive, and building products. Larry has 25 plus years of leading organizations, at a senior level, through performance improvement transformations. He currently leads and consults healthcare client transformations for Simpler, an IBM Company, globally.

Experience - IBM and Industry: In his 9 years with Simpler, Larry has provided leadership for multiple Healthcare organizations. Improvements were made in the following clinical service areas; Outpatient, Inpatient, Perioperative, ED, and Oncology. In addition to clinical applications, his work in Revenue Cycle has been a key to the development of the Simpler, Revenue Cycle Management Practice. The RCM Practice methodology delivers clients results which exceed benchmark performance, while experiencing 6-10% improved financial performance (NPR) for services delivered. The focus of this effort has been to optimize all processes that are inputs to achieving an accurate and complete patient account. In addition to improved financial results, this approach allows for a cultural transformation which enhances team member engagement and development in performance improvement.

Technical Expertise: Larry has a deep knowledge of process improvement and organization transformation methodologies that are required to achieve success, beyond industry standard. The results have produced double digit movement in the context of True North metrics; Human Development, Safety, Quality, Timeliness, and Growth. Larry coaches and mentors all levels within a client's structure; from CEO to front line team member.
Larry Armstrong