Data Governance is an Enterprise Competency, not a Feature of an Electronic Health Record
Date & Time
Monday, July 13, 2020, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Richard Cramer Kristy Zirngible Mark Hagland


Data governance is one of healthcare’s top strategic initiatives. Reliable, trustworthy data is an essential ingredient driving digital transformation, analytic self-service and artificial intelligence innovations, among many other initiatives. However, data governance is not a new concept and many healthcare organizations have tried and abandoned prior data governance efforts – sometimes more than once. The good news is data governance has evolved in some dramatic ways that make new programs far more successful. Knowing how to deploy the right programs, processes, and supporting solutions is the key to delivering measurable value from your data governance efforts. 

Adding to this complexity, electronic health record applications such as Epic often include some basic data governance capabilities embedded within the application. To avoid “silos of data governance” that can potentially be in conflict or uncoordinated on your path to holistic enterprise data governance, you need a plan and architecture to ensure you avoid duplication of capabilities and any other roadblocks to adoption and scalability. 

It’s time to empower your organization to manage data as a mission-critical asset, and to ensure your EHR is a full participant in your data governance strategy rather than its own island.  During this session: 

  • Understand the business and clinical drivers for enterprise data governance initiatives
  • Gain an introduction to the capabilities required of an enterprise data governance program
  • Appreciate how data governance programs should be structured for success
  • Recognize common integration patterns for how an EHR application should participate in an enterprise data governance program


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