Full Name
Amy Sitapati MD
Job Title
Chief Medical Information Officer of Population Health
UC San Diego Health
Speaker Bio
Dr. Amy Sitapati is the Chief Medical Information Officer of Population Health for UC San Diego Health, Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Division of Biomedical Informatics, and the Interim Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at UCSD. She is a board certified in general internal medicine and clinical informatics. She leads efforts at UCSDH in population health innovation, digital health, artificial intelligence, quality, and equity. Brings life to quality and informatics as the executive leader cross enterprise inclusive of 808 licensed beds and ambulatory practices with 500,000 active patients. Leads 100+ quality measures portfolios including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a top designated public hospital in California in 2020; Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) incentive based supplemental Medicaid payments; managed care AMP; Medicare Stars; and Medicare Shared Savings Programs. Devises new governance, strategically develops analytics, and prioritizes the right infrastructure to deliver best in class performance. Builds capacity of physician leadership inclusive of interdisciplinary teams. Responsible for strategy, development and oversight of analytics infrastructure including quality reporting, 150 active registries, self-service reporting, and predictive analytics. Chairs two active courses in the school of medicine inclusive of MD, Pharm.D, PhD, and post doctorate level. Lead the Department of Medicine’s two top source of contract and grant revenue programs as the investigator for NIH All of Us responsible for recruitment oversight team and California Integrated Vital Records, California’s state birth and decedent records team administration and strategic visioning.
Amy Sitapati