Water compliance is not optional. From stormwater to wastewater to drinking water, environmental challenges are forecasted to grow exponentially in the coming years due to aging infrastructure, climate change and the intensity of storms, urbanization and a lack of compliance commitments today. AQUALIS delivers comprehensive water resource management services to national retailers, logistics providers, engineering firms, hospitals, military and industrial facilities, individual and commercial property owners, airports and universities. AQUALIS’ expertise includes stormwater and lift station inspections, maintenance, repairs and rehabilitations and water quality testing to help mitigate non-compliance fines, diminish property damage and flooding, and strengthen environmental stewardship. As the leader in water resource management, AQUALIS continues to seek educational opportunities to meet our mission which is to inspire change by preserving and protecting our most precious natural resource: water.

The new Stormwater Solutions is the premiere stormwater and surface water quality magazine in the B2B space. Combining the audiences of Stormwater magazine (Endeavor Business Media) and Storm Water Solutions (SWS) (formerly Scranton-Gillette) we serve the largest and most influential group of stormwater professionals across the country. 


Stormwater University was created with one objective in mind: providing access to quality educational content that stormwater professionals can use to keep current with trends, best practices and lessons learned. We’ve leveraged our vast network of stormwater experts to develop a robust collection of courses that cover a range of topics, from BMPs and green infrastructure to stormwater program management and compliance.

Our user-friendly platform makes continuing education easy and enjoyable. As you complete coursework, you’ll receive a certificate that can be used to pursue credit with your state’s governing authority. So don’t wait; start learning today!