Full Name
Steven Bornfield
Job Title
Senior Technology Consultant
Chatsworth Products, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Senior Technology Consultant for Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) with over 25 years of mechanical and electrical construction experience, previously focusing on clean room design, construction, operation and more recently on data centers of the future utilizing unique airflow management for innovative data center designs. Prior to CPI, Mr. Bornfield was employed by Intel Corporation where he held various roles in facilities, wafer factory support and data center design. During his 20 years at Intel, Mr. Bornfield became an expert in state-of-the-art clean room design and construction, reducing total cost of ownership for new and re-designed floor spaces. At CPI, Mr. Bornfield is part of a team developing high performance data center designs that provide reduced design/build and operational costs for customers by using successful airflow management techniques. Steve presents at various CPI and industry events educating attendees about data center best practices and airflow management capabilities.
Steven Bornfield