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June 7, 2022
A virtual learning and networking event


Commercial Vehicle Technology brings together trucking industry professionals to explore how current and future technologies are impacting equipment and maximizing productivity.  This unique, highly-focused event discusses real-world technology solutions, examines best practices and provides a forum for fleet executives like you to better understand the benefits and impact of these solutions within your business.

2022 Commercial Electric Vehicle Adoption Report

Fleet acceptance is growing, but EBM’s 2022 survey finds availability, cost, and charging are still major barriers to wide adoption on commercial electric vehicles.

Following up on its benchmark 2021 survey, a new Endeavor Business Intelligence report documents the evolving fleet expectations for commercial electric vehicle adoption in the U.S.

A major shift to electric automotive powertrains is a very good bet at this point, but when will that transformation cross over to the mainstream? The commercial electric vehicle (CEV) segment of that market is going to be a key element in such a transformation. That makes the fleet adoption rate of CEVs a valuable barometer of the technology’s long-term viability as a practical automotive powertrain for the future.

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