Keynote / Session 1- Put People First, Profit Will Follow
Date & Time
Friday, October 2, 2020, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Todd Williams


Learning Objectives: 

  • Learning techniques to maintain profitable performance in a challenging, changing, and highly competitive workplace 
  • Indentify the difference between behaviors that create temporary satisfaction vs. long-term loyalty 
  • Indentify how to move beyond the pursuit of the latest industry trends, and into areas that truly differentiate 
  • Learn how to create a healthly, thriving workplace culture in which creativity, profitability, and resiliency are natural by-products 

Long before it was the "trendy thing" to do, a clinically-schooled leader took a deep dive into the experience industry. He wanted to learn how business models that don't meet a measurable clinical need still make profit. How do they charge for something as subjective and unmeasurable as an "experience" in a profitable way. 

What he learned turned his world upside down. 

People don't view their experience in dentistry, healthcare or even hospitality, as finite. Their needs are ever-evolving throughout their experience (as are the needs of those providing the service). The human experience is subjective and unmeasureable, but putting this experience first is the key to measurable financial gains. In other words, the best "experiences" are the end result of an organization deeply committed to excellence and the "why" behind all we do. 

Putting human connection first in the single greatest way to increase profit. 


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Keynote Presentation
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Todd Williams 
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