Session 5 - Building the Profitable Practice HOW MUCH WILL YOU GROW THIS YEAR?
Date & Time
Friday, October 2, 2020, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Roger Levin, DDS
Learning Objectives:
  •  Understand the importance and relevance of practice profitability and income.
  •  Learn why so many doctors are working harder than necessary for less profit than ever before.
  •  Identify key profitability strategies that will allow the practice to increase profit and income quickly.
  •  Learn the power systems that will massively increase production and obliterate stress for the doctor and the team.

This seminar will be the most motivating, intensive and exciting seminar on practice management you will ever attend. See Dr. Levin
in-person and learn leading-edge insights and innovations being used by the best practices in dentistry. The doctor and team will learn how to
fully integrate powerful business systems into the practice resulting in increased practice performance, production and profitability.

This breakthrough seminar will present numerous strategies to increase practice profitability. Practices need practical and immediately useful
strategies and ideas that will allow the practice to continue to increase production while simultaneously increasing profitability. Dr. Roger Levin
has studied profitability strategies for dental practices for over 30 years and will be sharing many of his findings with attendees at this seminar.
His goal is for attendees to be able to immediately implement many of the strategies allowing for an increase in practice profitability right now!
You’ll be wowed when you hear first-hand the leading-edge ideas that will revolutionize your practice. This all-new seminar brings the most
advanced methods for turning your practice into a production powerhouse and increasing your income.


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Panel Discussion
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Roger Levin, DDS

CEU Credits: 1