Wrap-Up Lunch & Learn - Win from Within: Using Technology to Create Sustainable Growth
Date & Time
Saturday, August 27, 2022, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Jeff Barsotti, CEO

Insights for Discussion:

  • What’s the opportunity? How can technology help and hurt my practice? 
  • People, yes people, can really help your practice grow. How so?
  • Shortcuts to success – working smart isn’t just one of those kitschy sayings. 
  • The role measurement plays in management. 

Running a successful practice is difficult. Status quo battles a desire to improve, but how?  Quite frankly, a lot of practices truly believe where they are is a good as it gets. That, or it’s easier, or more cost effective to look the other way. We get it, we’ve lived it, and we are advocates for what can be at RecallMax™. Join me for a discussion that will reveal where there are some easy wins, where the dental industry is trending and how to break those trends and trailblaze to a bright future.


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