Session 3 - How to Make the Most out of your Dental Hygiene Appointment
Date & Time
Friday, August 26, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Sarah Crow

Learning Objectives:

  • Realize the importance of their dental hygienist in caries management and periodontal protocols
  • Reflect on their current value system and relationship with their hygiene department
  • Remove barriers to change in the way in which hygienists provide patient care by reorganizing the structure of the Dental hygiene appointment and verbiage we use with our patients.
  • Elevate the hygiene department by empowering the dental hygienist to practice at the top of their scope

Is your hygiene department demotivated? Have you ever thought that there may be a better way to partner with your dental hygienist to increase production with ethics and integrity?  This course will help to provide a comprehensive approach to making the most out of your dental hygiene appointment. This course will discuss utilizing strategies to improve your relationship with your hygiene department while discussing the importance of aligning your practice philosophies.    Sarah discusses the disconnect between dentistry and medicine as she helps to align the important touchpoints of the Dental Hygiene appointment.   She will discuss the value of confident hygienists and the importance of autonomy to discuss caries management, periodontal protocols, and appropriate re-care frequencies while educating the dental team and collaborating with specialists to personalize patient care.

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CEU Credits: 1.25

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