Full Name
Gary Kadi
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
NextLevel Practice
Speaker Bio
GGary Kadi, the visionary founder of NextLevel Practice, is on a mission to help dentists beat the odds. While most dentists now don’t retire until age 69, and 96% of them aren’t financially free, Gary has developed the strategies and methodologies to empower dentists to retire on their terms--when and how they want. The secret? Mastering the entrepreneurial side of their practices so they can increase their capacity in a moral and ethical way, skyrocketing their top lines and exponentially increasing their valuation. With over 25 years of experience, Gary has guided more than 6,000 practices across the globe to become powerhouse producers--generating over 1 billion dollars in combined collections. In the process, Gary has helped them discover true freedom--becoming time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free.
Gary Kadi