Full Name
Gary Kadi
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
NextLevel Practice
Speaker Bio
Gary Kadi is the visionary voice of NextLevel as a featured Educator and Advocate for Dentistry, Dentists, and Dental Teams. For the past 20 years, Gary has served the whole of the dental community around the world, from patients and practitioners to support staff, researchers, and representatives.
As a speaker, author, and researcher, Gary interrupts the status quo, shares discoveries and interests, and re-energizes audiences far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise profit margins. He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.
Gary experienced his latest breakthrough after years of studying the recurring challenges dentists face of team dynamics, finances, and patient issues. The business model dentists were fighting to fix was created by a non-business practitioner who could throw up a shingle and be successful. Gary discovered how to get dentists off the drill, fill, and PPO treadmill so they can run a thriving business.
In 2008, while watching a movie where they poked fun of dentists, Gary discovered his life’s mission: altering America’s health by transforming the way the public relates to dentistry. He created NextLevel Practice to implement the Complete Health Dentistry™ business model where teams willingly embrace and implement change, patients respect their treatment regiments, invest in their health, and doctors enjoy practicing the way they envisioned at their dental school graduation.
The team-driven Complete Health Dentistry™ business model takes any stagnating practice and rapidly reverses the situation into complete alignment with the practice’s values. Doctors and their teams are inspired by re-contextualizing their role in their patients’ COMPLETE HEALTH.
In 2013, Gary took the first step in mobilizing the Complete Health movement by producing “Say Ahh”, the world’s first documentary on oral health, through Partners in Complete Health.
Gary Kadi