Interoperability Today: Why Checking a Box is No Longer Enough

Simply put, interoperability is data sharing. However, the ability to access vital patient data in real time is not so simple. Providing clinicians, the information they need can get tangled up by a lack of interoperability expertise, poor integration, and vendor lock. What’s more: the upkeep and maintenance of inhouse and third-party software can be a resource drain.

In this short but powerful fireside chat, interoperability guru and vice president of NextGen Healthcare Solutions, Muhammad Chebli, will cover what you need to know about data sharing in hospitals in 2023. Whether you want to manage data yourself or have an organization do it for you, he’ll provide insight and solutions to overcoming your challenges. Learn how your organization can lower costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), stay compliant, and provide the best possible patient outcomes with technology and services that care. 



Healthcare Innovation
Vice President of Solutions
NextGen Healthcare


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