AI-Enhanced Telehealth: Hope or Hype?

ChatGPT and a plethora of other AI-powered applications are popular topics in today’s tech driven world. Even in healthcare, AI and machine learning algorithms are making far-reaching promises in patient-facing and back-office settings alike. One of the clinical frontiers gaining attention is augmenting virtual care programs with AI-based enhancements such as computer vision, ambient clinical intelligence, and contactless vitals monitoring. AI supporters claim the technology can positively impact patient safety, clinical outcomes, care team effectiveness, and operational performance.

During this fireside chat with Mike Brandofino, President and COO at Caregility, we will explore the practicality, best practices, and perils associated with selecting and adopting AI technology for enhanced telehealth. 

  • What are some caveats to watch out for when considering AI enhanced telehealth?
  • Which clinical workflows will staff and patients benefit most from AI? 
  • What integration and support challenges are anticipated? 
  • Is now the time for AI in healthcare to come of age? If not, when?
  • Do we risk losing the personal touch everyone expects with healthcare or will consumers prefer the automation and efficiency? 



Healthcare Innovation
President and COO


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