Full Name
Jill Davies MS, CCGC
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Genome Medical
Speaker Bio
Jill Davies is a leader in the field of genomic healthcare. A board-certified genetic counselor for nearly 20 years, she has dedicated her career to reinventing access to genomic medicine for health systems, providers and patients.
Jill’s passion for improving access to genomic medicine led her to create GeneMatters in 2016, a genetic counseling telehealth company that increases access to genetic counseling so that more patients can get the timely help they need. Jill led GeneMatters as its founder and CEO until it merged with Genome Medical in late 2021 and in 2022, Jill took the helm as Chief Executive Officer of Genome Medical.
At Genome Medical, Jill has brought together clinical leaders in the field of genomics alongside top business leadership and technology talent to reinvent genetics care. She has led the pioneering of a virtual care delivery model and is leading the development of clinical support solutions to put standard-of-care genetic and genomic medicine within reach of every individual who can benefit.
Prior to founding GeneMatters in 2016, Jill was Director of Genetics at the Medcan Clinic in Toronto where she was responsible for developing and delivering leading-edge clinical genomics services.
With nearly 20 years of experience in the genetic counseling field, Jill has broad expertise across clinical services, telehealth, clinical application of genetic counseling in oncology, prenatal, reproductive, cardiology and neurology.
She has a special interest in the role of genomics in primary care and preventive medicine as well as the use of technology to enable access to genomic information and services.
Jill Davies