October 13  |   Healthcare Innovation Product Showcase Day

Learn from leading solution providers on how they are helping providers with their current and future challenges. Check out the videos below showcasing the most innovative healthcare companies to keep you abreast of new & existing product offerings.

Doug Herr of DeliverHealth, on HIT Upgrades and Project Management

DeliverHealth's Doug Herr discusses how routine EHR and clinical IT upgrades have been delayed during the pandemic during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how IT leaders can once again become proactive, in focusing on project management

Cox Prosight's George Valentine Speaks with Healthcare Innovation

George Valentine, Executive Director, New Growth and Development, at Cox Communications, discusses the future of RTLS in the U.S. healthcare industry

ALLM, Inc.'s Harry Reddy Speaks with Healthcare Innovation                                                   

How do we make data available seamlessly for clinicians, so that they can make care delivery truly patient-centric? ALLM Inc. CEO Harry Reddy talks about how to truly bring value to the value-based care proposition

CereCore's Peyman Zand Talks with Healthcare Innovation on the Landscape Around Data

Peyman Zand, Vice President of Advisory Services at CereCore, shares his perspectives on the complex landscape around data in patient care organizations right now, and what CIOs need to do to optimize data migration and management

Caregility's COO Mike Brandofino Looks at the Future of Telehealth                                               

Caregility's COO Mike Brandofino spoke recently with Healthcare Innovation Publisher Matt Raynor on the strategic and operational landscape around telehealth in the current healthcare system environment

Cynerio's CEO Leon Lerman Discusses the IoT and Device Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Healthcare

Cynerio's CEO and Co-Founder Leon Lerman discusses the challenges facing patient care leaders in the area of medical devices/IoT, with regard to the intensifying cybersecurity threats confronting hospital and health system leaders

Data Migration and Beyond: The Challenges of Legacy Data Management                                              

Jim Hammer, Senior Vice President at Harmony Healthcare IT shares his perspectives on the challenges of data migration and the far broader topic of legacy data management and archiving