Full Name
David Skarda, MD MD
Job Title
Sr. Medical Director Center for Value-based Surgery
Intermountain Healthcare
Speaker Bio
David Skarda’s career focus is improving value for patients. He is currently the Senior Medical Director of Intermountain Healthcare’s Center for Value-based Surgery and chair of the Value Analysis Committee. He is a pediatric surgeon and is clinically active at Utah Valley Hospital and Primary Children’s Hospital. Dr. Skarda was most recently recognized as a 2020 Modern Healthcare Top 25 Innovator for his work developing a comprehensive picture of care delivery that includes outcomes, quality, and cost to visualize the complete cost of surgical procedures both before admission and after discharge. In 2015, Dr. Skarda became the Senior Medical Director for Surgical Services for Intermountain Healthcare. In this role he was responsible for development and implementation of all surgical care process models for both adults and pediatric patients for all 23 Intermountain Healthcare facilities and for all surgical subspecialties including General Surgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery, endoscopy, and anesthesia. Additionally, he was responsible for standardizing and managing surgical operations including OR scheduling, preoperative patient communication, the development of a perioperative surgical home, same-day surgery operations, central processing coordination, instrument sterilization, OR policies, WHO universal protocol implementation and compliance, and outcomes monitoring and evaluation.
David Skarda, MD