Full Name
Larry Sitka
Job Title
Vice President & CSIO Enterprise Applications
Canon Medical
Speaker Bio
Larry Sitka is a recognized global subject matter expert in HIT (healthcare IT) interoperability. Larry was one of the early visionaries who recognized the potential of a highly interconnected HIT network. He was a direct contributor to the Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC) interoperability roadmap for healthcare. Mr. Sitka has over 30 years of experience in medical imaging. He holds several U.S. and E.U. patents focused on digital asset management across healthcare, printing and publishing, defense mapping and photographic businesses. His commercial endeavors include his current position at Vital Images and the founder of Acuo Technologies in 1999. Larry is an outspoken evangelist for the Learning Health System transformation proposed by the ONC. Larry holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Master’s of Computer Science with Systems and Software Engineering areas of focus from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and National Technology University.
Larry Sitka