Complimentary Registration

Your complimentary registration includes access to all sessions, complimentary breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception. In order to qualify for this complimentary pass you must agree to a minimum of three 10-minute meetings with solution providers conducted during the Executive Exchange. Approximately three weeks before the event you'll be contacted by a representative from Healthcare Innovation who will work with you to select the best three solution providers for you to meet with and the ideal times for these meetings. These meetings are completely casual and held within the confines of the event (not in a private room, etc.). The solution providers will be using these meetings to learn more about your challenges and plans for the upcoming 2-5 years.

Rules for Registration

  1. You must qualify as a healthcare end-user executive (provider, payer, government, academia, non-profit, etc.) employee. Vendors & consultants do not qualify for a registration and must be a sponsor of the program in order to participate.
  2. You must agree to three 10-minute meetings with vendor solution providers. A key part of the Executive Exchange Series is to give attendees the opportunity to network with the solution providers in a non-salesy way and discuss the latest innovations, challenges, and opportunities in healthcare. A Healthcare Innovation rep will be in touch closer to the event to coordinate your meetings
  3. The available complimentary passes are subject to approval. Vendors, consultants, students, retirees, etc. are not eligible to these complimentary passes.
  4. You agree that you are ready to have an awesome event, make lasting connections, and be ready for a ton of fun with the Healthcare Innovation team!

Accepting the Terms

As a part of my complimentary registration, I agree to take part in three 10-minute meetings and I agree to work with the Healthcare Innovation team to determine the ideal solution providers to meet with and the best times for these meetings