Full Name
Adrianna Sperkacz
Job Title
Director, Patient Experience
Sanitas U.S.A.
Speaker Bio
As the Director of Patient Experience for Sanitas, Adrianna Sperkacz brings extensive experience to the organization. She is an expert in Patient Experience and is known for her passion in user-centered solutions.
Adrianna is responsible for leading, executing, implementing, and evaluating Sanitas targeted patient experience and improvement initiatives.

Before joining Sanitas Medical Centers in the US, Adrianna built and led the Patient Experience effort for a large Academic Health Center and Digital Health Vendor. She is known for her integrity, credibility, and passion and has earned numerous awards for her contributions such as Rookie of the Year, UShine Awards, and a National Excellence & Leadership award.
Adrianna completed her Bachelor’s in Supervision and Management and Executive Healthcare Leadership at Cornell University. She also holds numerous Sigma certifications and other management and service training titles such as ‘Crucial Conversations’.
Adrianna Sperkacz