April 5, 2022   |   Supply Chain and Product Selection

HPN Intro: Supply Chain and Product Selection

Join our virtual event as our editors present the latest information on multiple types of products.  

End-to-end Supply Chain Management Solutions

Learn how to significantly optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, accelerate growth, meet demands and deliver quality patient care...

10 Steps to Take your Humble Data from Disconnected & Disparate to Award Worthy

Take your data where it’s never gone before:  straight to real-time intelligence that drives clinical and supply chain decisions...

Realizing the Value of a UV Disinfection Program, What Supply Chain and Clinical Teams Need to Consider

Accomplish things faster, easier and know you are getting the value you are paying for.  Conveying the value of a UV disinfection program isn't so difficult when you take a few key factors into account...

The Keys to Empowering Implant Supply Chain Leaders for Maximized Savings

Discover new opportunities for supply chain savings when enterprise visibility and real-time
analytics are combined. Identify and maximize supply chain expenditures, gain greater control over supply spend, improve compliance, and improve patient safety measures.

Building Blocks Toward Supply Chain Resiliency

Lack of visibility into our supply chains leads to operational, clinical, and financial disruptions that all have negative impacts on patient care. Having the right product, at the right time, in the right place is more
critical now than ever.