March 16, 2021   |   Disinfecting Your Facility: Tools of the Trade

HPN Intro: Disinfecting Your Facility
Tools of the Trade

A partial-day virtual event as our editors present the latest information and products in surface, air and UV cleaning tools for the industry. 

How to Effectively Disinfect Air in Your Healthcare Facility

SARS-CoV-2 is only one of the many pathogens that make air contamination a risk for patients, staff, and visitors. Many healthcare facilities are struggling to meet or maintain the new guidelines...

Eliminating Pathogens in Healthcare Settings

In this session, we will evaluate the pitfalls of common disinfection application methods such as spray-and-wipe, electrostatic sprayers, and UV light...

Air Disinfection for Infection

We will explore the correlation between the air environment of the OR and infections, with emphasis on the contribution of contaminated air and how evidence-based air cleaning technology can reduce aerosolized bioburden and SSI.

Krypton Disinfection Lighting for Healthcare Facilities and EMS Vehicles

Introduction to Krypton Disinfection Lighting and why it is a much safer and cost-effective alternative to chemical disinfection methods...

Contagious Surfaces - Sorting Facts from Fiction

We will be focusing on recent research covering pathogen transmission risk from surfaces, and how UV disinfection can be used to enhance environmental cleaning...