Full Name
John Dexheimer
Job Title
LightWave Advisors
Speaker Bio
John Dexheimer is President of LightWave Advisors, Inc. where he assists advanced technology start-ups and established firms in expanding partnerships, funding and M&A. He has been involved in the photonics sector since 1995 when as investment banker he led the IPO financing of Uniphase (now Lumentum) and advised on several acquisitions. He has assisted in funding and partnering execution of over 100 firms, ranging from small firms up to several valued at over $1 billion. He has extensive history as a partner in several venture capital funds and as advisor to portfolio firms for many of the large established investors in technology in software and electronics. He has had several executive roles in startups and mature technology firms with revenue of up to $400 million in addition to serving on several Boards of public and private firms, as well as academic and trade advisory boards. He has been among initial investors and led the IPOs or sale of several firms, including leaders in photonics applications in optical communications, industrial and military lasers, medical diagnostics, LIDAR and quantum enablement. He earned an MBA from Harvard University and a B.S. from the University of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering where he is on the Dean’s Advisory Board.
John Dexheimer