The inaugural Machine Vision Summit showcases the latest innovations in the machine vision industry.  This free two-day summit offers educational sessions and curated keynotes where attendees will learn about how the combination of machine vision and AI is enabling new applications in inspection, bin picking and sorting, optical character recognition (OCR), and more. We’ll also cover advanced technologies in both the visible and non-visible spectrums, and how they can help solve challenges in manufacturing and logistics automation.


 ● Design & Development/Systems Integration ● Quality Control ● Engineering Management

● Research & Development ● Corporate Management ● Manufacturing/Production Engineering

Featured Keynotes:

The Global Machine Vision Market--Growth Areas and Innovation Trends

Ronald Müller- Vision Markets

Change is the only constant--an ancient truth with manifestation in the current global supply chains, manufacturing industries, and hence also in machine vision. The era of (two-digit) growth rates took a breather, at least in the western hemisphere. Which industry sectors and regions offer attractive business opportunities? And what key innovation trends are set to increase growth and competitiveness for components OEMs, systems integrators, and machine builders? Müller will shed light on these strategic questions for 2024 and beyond. 

Making AI Easier to Simulate and Deploy for Vision-Guided Robotics

Sina Afrooze, Apera AI

How is AI is making vision-guided robotics more useful for manufacturers? Recent innovations in AI training and simulation environments give automation engineers tools to test and iterate robotic cells before deployment. Afrooze will talk about these innovations and what they mean for current and future manufacturing. 

Boosting Crop Yields with Vision and AI

Mark DeSantis, Bloomfield Robotics

The world population is expected to increase 40% within 30 years, putting enormous pressure on our food system. The way forward for farmers is to manage not to the acre but to the plant. To do that, farmers must know the health and performance of every plant on a continuous basis. Fortunately, imaging and AI now provide a means to do just that by digitizing every feature of a plant. DeSantis will discuss these trends, and what they mean for machine vision and farming. 

Programmable AI for High-Mix Low-Volume Bin Picking

Jared Glover, CapSen Robotics

Advances in "black-box AI" software for text and image generation have garnered a great deal of press lately, and some companies are exploring their use in robotics. However, most robotics experts in industry agree that the safety and reliability requirements in manufacturing necessitate a safer and more structured approach. Programmable AI leverages the latest advances in black-box AI for machine learning, 3D vison, motion planning, and task planning, but within a constrained framework that gives the user control and piece-of-mind that the robot will work exactly as programmed every time. 

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