Healthcare Innovation Events

Across the country, Healthcare Innovation hosts a series of events and programs that promote improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare through information technology.  We partner with provider organizations across the country to share healthcare technology success stories and best practices, while also providing a platform for insightful debate and dialogue on the future of healthcare.

The Summit Series

The Summit Series will feature discussions around a wide variety of topics, including a deeper focus on value-based care, population health, cybersecurity, AI, data analytics, clinical workflow, telehealth, and the evolving nature of U.S. health policy.

The Digital Health Virtual Series

The Digital Health Virtual Series is a monthly program featuring discussions with innovators who are transforming healthcare. Join us each month for videos, whitepapers, guides, and live sessions that will help you keep up-to-date on current trends and inspire you to innovate in your organization.

Virtual Happy Hour Roundtables

These virtual roundtable events will connect C-level providers to network and discuss the latest trends and challenges on a particular healthcare topic. The virtual roundtable will be held via Zoom Video Conference, and each registrant can receive a complimentary bottle of wine shipped directly to them to enjoy during the discussion.