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Tuesday, December 14, 2021  |   Virtual Program

The Healthcare Innovation Summit Series promote improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare by sharing best practices from organizations who are leading change by championing technology, innovation, and culture shifts in their institutions. For more than eleven years the Healthcare Innovation Summit Series has helped healthcare professionals connect you with your peers to share stories about the people, process and technology changes that are being successfully championed in your organizations to improve the delivery of care. 

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Session Descriptions

Better Experiences, Better Security, Better Healthcare: How Leaders from CDOs to CISOs Can Exceed Digital Healthcare Requirements with Modern Identity
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Healthcare is no longer confined to the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital. Today, networks of health technologies power connected digital ecosystems that have transformed care. 

Healthcare consumers (patients/members) now expect convenient, personalized experiences across all touchpoints. Doctors and other providers are also demanding digital solutions to help them save time and provide better care. At the same time, security, compliance, and trust is also mission critical.

To enable digital healthcare and differentiate your business requires a modern identity platform that serves as a single point of truth to unite and secure your organization. 

Join Steve Gwizdala, Vice President of Healthcare at ForgeRock, as he discusses how a modern identity platform can help healthcare executives from CISOs to CDOs to:

  • Integrate hybrid IT environments and unlock legacy systems
  • Deliver digital experiences that improve care, grow revenue, and retain employees
  • Mitigate risks and fraud across the organization
  • Secure data and manage relationships between people and IoMT devices
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and safely enable data sharing and interoperability

Building the Best EMR Experience for Your Organization

EMR usability, as well as the efficiencies of a well-built EMR, are hugely important for many stakeholders across all healthcare delivery organizations. Join our panelists to discuss how they build a culture of partnership between physician and clinician users, IT personnel, and other stakeholders to drive a quality EMR experience, increase EMR engagement, and help users focus on opportunities for EMR success in their organizations. Discussion topics include:

  • How they continually adapt the EMR to meet the changing needs of the organization and users
  • How to develop a non-bureaucratic governance structure that allows for changes to be made quickly to the EMR
  • How they build a culture of sharing and continuing education to support mastery of the EMR by all users
  • How they improve EHR satisfaction and reduce EHR-associated burnout among clinicians
  • How they built or are building a quality EMR – cutting through the hype and choosing a vendor that works for their organization, based on best practices and feedback from the users

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Fireside Chat with Seattle Children's

Provider spotlight sessions feature local healthcare organization leader(s) discussing how they have changed patient care.

Healthcare Executives Panel on Ransomware Threats
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Health Systems continue to be exposed to ransomware attacks during the global pandemic with increased impact to patient care and exposure to large global integrated health delivery systems.  Patients have recognized significant patient care impacts such as rescheduled surgeries, increased patient wait times, delayed COVID-19 test results, and challenges filling prescription medications.  This presentation will provide healthcare executives a guide to understanding how their organization is positioned to protect against emerging ransomware threats.
Learning Objectives
•    Provide thought leadership to current cyber security events
•    Share industry experience and how they have impacted health systems.
•    Educate leaders on what core security program elements should be foundationally in place.

Health Data Sharing Advances: Going from Connectivity to Interoperability
Tailboard Talk
Tailboard Talk

How is the landscape around interoperability being reshaped by current events and developments? Panelists will discuss the policy, operational, and technological advances taking place in the interoperability sphere, and will examine the biggest challenges and obstacles that they face as they attempt to move U.S. healthcare forward in this area of vital importance to the emerging healthcare system.

The New Reality of Securing Healthcare
Tailboard Talk
Tailboard Talk

Attendees will benefit from a broad-based discussion of some of the most important trends in cybersecurity n U.S. healthcare right now. Among the key issues to be discussed:

  • An examination of the current landscape around intensifying threat vectors for patient care organizations nationwide
  • The need to develop an overarching strategy to address all relevant elements in the current operating landscape, rather than responding reactively
  • A strong look at the armory of key tools available to combat malware/ransomware attacks, including network micro-segmentation, auditing of system backups, behavioral monitoring, and the engagement of external consultants, including security operations centers (SOCs)
  • The concept of a zero-trust strategy, and what it means in practice
  • Investing in systems, tools, and applications: opportunities and pitfalls
  • Federal policy around cybersecurity and its impact on operations
  • Gaining c-suite support for investment in cybersecurity
  • Core staffing issues
  • Peering into the future in this critical area
The Power of Data: Applying Analytics & AI to Transform Healthcare
Fireside Chat
Fireside Chat

In this session, industry leaders will discuss how the work of clinical and operational transformation in healthcare is itself being transformed by the science of data analytics. The leaders of hospitals, medical groups, and health systems will share their success stories around the leveraging of data analytics in their work, and will reflect on the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning in this area, and on their potential to turbocharge progress.

What Digital Transformation Looks Like in Healthcare
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Industry Partner Spotlight

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