Exhibitor Registration

PLEASE READ: If you have not booked exhibit space, please

contact one of our Sales Managers below:

Chris Page

 National Sales Manager
 P: +1 518.373.0622
 E: cpage@endeavorb2b.com

John Buckley

   P: +1 774.217.6174
   E: jbuckley@endeavorb2b.com

Lauren Mogelnicki

 West Coast/Southwest
 P: +1 918.308.9125
 E: lmogelnicki@endeavorb2b.com

Chris Miller

 Midwest/Key Accounts
 P: +1 630.234.3272
 E: cmiller@endeavorb2b.com

More information on exhibiting can be found below

After you have booked your booth space, you can begin registration. Registration pricing & instructions can be found below

Please select your booth size to begin your group's registration. Please note that the first registration is the booth contact and will not be attending the conference and does not count towards any of your booths passes.

After you have finished registering, you can log in using the Modify Registration button below to access your account. Here you can make changes or add additional registrants, just skip to the additional people page. If you need to make any cancellations or substitutions, please email Macy Walker at registration@endeavorb2b.com


Macy Walker


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Kaylee Odom