Full Name
Machell Hudson-Hoover RDH, FAAOSH, CHC
Job Title
RDH, Speaker, Coach
founder and ceo of integrative dental coaching
Speaker Bio
Machell Hudson-Hoover, FAAOSH, CHC, is the CEO of Integrative Dental Coaching and holds a position on the board of The American Academy for Oral & Systemic Health. She takes pride in her advisory role for RDH Mag. She has a strong passion for elevating the profession of dental hygiene because she believes in the critical role hygienists play in overall wellness. With a keen focus on oral-systemic connections and protocol implementation, Machell seamlessly blends her expertise in clinical hygiene practice with speaking engagements and consulting services. She is a Bale/Doneen preceptorship program graduate specializing in arterial disease prevention and is trained in periodontal health through the Kois Institute. Additionally, Machell holds two certifications in health and wellness coaching, further enhancing her holistic approach to improving dental healthcare
In 2021, Machell received the DrBicuspid Most Influential Hygiene Educator award for her contributions. Outside work, she cherishes time with family and friends and is dedicated to volunteering, particularly advocating against Human Trafficking. Machell@rdhhealth.com
Machell Hudson-Hoover