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baramundi is a leading innovator in the field of Unified Endpoint Management and provides companies and organizations with efficient, secure, and cross-platform management of their workstation and mobile environments. Over 3,000 customers worldwide of all sizes and from every sector benefit from the German manufacturer‘s many years of experience and outstanding products.

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Don't miss baramundi's Principal Consultant, David Sterz, for an Industry Partner Spotlight

Thursday, December 10, 2020
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Industry Partner Spotlight
Balancing Security and Usability with Unified Endpoint Management


Balancing security and usability is always a challenge, especially in environments with high availability, critical data, and diversity. Any data loss or downtime can have dramatic consequences, but your patch deployments and update procedures require user interaction or even multiple reboots. These challenges will reflect in your endpoint management and patch status. Without the right tools, you will quickly lose track of your patch status and potential vulnerabilities. Adding more security features will be a big challenge, due to the lack of transparency and acceptance from your users. 

In this session, we will show you how to improve your endpoint security by designing update procedures tailored to your environment. This will enable you to integrate patch management for windows and 3rd party updates with better user acceptance. With tools like our baramundi management suite, you can take the next steps to add more security with features like BitLocker management, vulnerability management, software deployment, or even dedicated mobile device management. We focus on a holistic approach with usability and transparency in mind. From completely silent rollouts to full user interaction in defined time frames,  baramundi makes it easy to create your individual processes. 

After the presentation and live demo, we will be available to answer your questions around endpoint security and management.


David Sterz