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Geneia is a healthcare analytics and services company. We work to improve collaboration between healthcare providers, health plans and employers to better support personalized, patient-centered care. Through advanced technology, education and training, insights and clinical services, we help clients better identify and actively manage high-risk populations, improve quality measurement and outcomes, and strengthen revenue. Rooted in deep clinical experience and leading-edge data science, our client-centric, phased approach to population health simplifies the transition to risk and value-based care.

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Restarting Regular Care: Nine Ways to Get Patients to the Office

The Geneia Data Intelligence Lab (GDI Lab) uses leading-edge data science to drive lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes. View the Lab’s resources, blogs and more information here.

How a Shared Services Model Improves Patient Engagement, Satisfication & Retention

Don't Miss Geneia's Lori Logan, Chief Product and Client Officer. for a Panel Discussion on Patient Engagement

Thursday, December 10, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Tailboard Talk


Panelists will discuss how technology and governance can be improved within an organization to support patient engagement initiatives and allow clinicians to focus on creating meaningful, person-focused relationships with their patients. 


Pamela Banchy Lori Logan