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IT teams have one of the hardest jobs in hospitals and healthcare institutions today. Teams need to ensure that clinicians have access to the right applications and records when they need it while protecting patient privacy. They must optimize IT operations to deliver the best value for the organization, support improvements in patient care, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Protecting against outside cyber threats is a necessity as online criminals target healthcare organizations more and more. IT teams must protect systems, users, and patient records from aggressive hackers.

Healthcare IT departments need to deliver exceptional and timely service. The challenge is high with rising clinician and patient expectations, regulatory mandates, and external security threats. The good news? Ivanti can help meet these challenges efficiently, effectively and economically.

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Quick Chat with Phil Richards, Chief Security Officer at Ivanti

Join Ivanti's Phil Richards, Chief Security Officer, for a Cybersecurity Industry Provider Spotlight

Thursday, December 10, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Industry Partner Spotlight


Join Ivanti for in-depth discussion on how IT and security leaders can continue to provide top-tier service to their internal customers and keep the enterprise secure during the time of rapidly changing business demands. This session will focus on delivering IT resources, the current cyber threat landscape in healthcare and provide tips for IT and security professionals to use within their own organizations.


Phil Richards