Our mission is to inspire and promote the Lineworker trade for today and the future. Lineworkers answer the call to power our nation every day by operating, maintaining, and constructing a safe and reliable electrical grid. The purpose of this scholarship program is to assist students entering into an electrical Lineman training program at an accredited school and achieve the completion of the that program. The ILRA awards a minimum of 10 scholarships per year. 


HOW TO APPLY: If you would like to apply for the Rodeo Association Scholarship, you will need:


  • Must be a son or daughter of a Journeyman Lineman, or recommended by a Journeyman Lineman.
  • Applicant must have a High School Diploma or Equivalent GED.
  • Applicant needs to submit a letter of recommendation from their high school advisor or equivalent GED advisor and a friend or relative.
  • Applicant needs to write a letter to the Scholarship Committee on why they should be selected to receive the scholarship including your financial need.


  1. The money for the scholarships is to be approved each year by the Board of Directors and this money is to be earmarked for the Scholarship fund.
  2. The Scholarship award shall be applied to: tuition, textbooks and other related fees. These expenses will be reviewed, approved and paid for by the International Lineman Rodeo Association scholarship committee.
  3. The Scholarship award check shall be made payable to the chosen line school and shall be placed in an escrow account by the school to be applied to the approved educational expenses as outlined above
  4. The Scholarship committee will submit a proposal annually regarding the number and the dollar amount of the scholarships for approval by the International Lineman Rodeo Association Board of Directors.
  5. The Scholarship committee may present to the Board of Directors a special named scholarship for special recognition of a member associated with the International Lineman Rodeo.


  1. Scholarship committee is composed of 2 members of the Board of Directors and 3 Advisory Committee Members of the International Lineman Rodeo Association, shall administer the Scholarship fund, including coordination with staffs of the Lineman College. The Scholarship committee will disseminate scholarship publicity, applications and do the screening of the applicants
  2. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Lineman Rodeo Association shall appoint the Chairman and Members of the Scholarship Committee from the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee. The selection is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. There shall be a minimum of five (5) members including the Chairman on the Scholarship Committee.


  1. The Scholarship Committee will consider applicants who qualify and meet the criteria for selection.
  2. The recipient of the scholarship will be assigned a mentor appointed by the committee.
  3. The mentor shall contact the student at least two times During the school training year to assess the student’s Status in the training program.


  1. Announcement of the Scholarship fund will be communicated through, ILRA publications i.e. Onsite Show Program and rodeo documents.
  2. The Scholarship Committee will initiate all publications.
    • January: Applications Distributed
    • August 1: Deadline for the return of completed applications to the Scholarship Committee
    • August 30: Scholarship recipients notified
    • October: Scholarship certificates presented at the IRLA Awards Banquet in October and the checks forwarded to the Lineman Schools with instructions in January.


  1. The International Lineman Rodeo Association shall be held Harmless for any accident, illness or injury incurred while the student is under the limited scholarship funding and a statement to this effect shall be signed by the student prior to receipt of the check.