Monday, May 2, 2022, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Industry Partner Spotlight
Code Grey: Managing Cyber Risk in Healthcare Delivery Organizations

As the organized cybercrime ecosystem continues to evolve, the combination of motive, means, and opportunity—plus easy access to already-developed tools to execute attacks—has led cybercriminals to relentlessly target HDOs. This has resulted in an ever-increasing volume of attacks and a range of costly consequences, including the disruption of critical patient care.
In the event of a security breach, you need an Incident Response (IR) partner that can react with industry-leading speed and efficacy. Without the support of 24/7 data backups and a team of IR experts, healthcare institutions are likely to pay the extortion or ransomware demands to avoid massive operational disruption.
Join eSentire’s John Irvine, VP, Digital Forensics for a discussion on the most common attack vectors for healthcare, the importance of adopting a risk-based approach towards cybersecurity, and how eSentire brings rapid control and stability to your organization when a breach occurs.

John Irvine