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Tuesday, November 16, 2021   |   Virtual Program

The Healthcare Innovation Summit Series promote improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare by sharing best practices from organizations who are leading change by championing technology, innovation, and culture shifts in their institutions. For more than eleven years the Healthcare Innovation Summit Series has helped healthcare professionals connect you with your peers to share stories about the people, process and technology changes that are being successfully championed in your organizations to improve the delivery of care. 

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Session Descriptions

Healthcare Executives Panel on Ransomware Threats

Health Systems continue to be exposed to ransomware attacks during the global pandemic with increased impact to patient care and exposure to large global integrated health delivery systems.  Patients have recognized significant patient care impacts such as rescheduled surgeries, increased patient wait times, delayed COVID-19 test results, and challenges filling prescription medications.  This presentation will provide healthcare executives a guide to understanding how their organization is positioned to protect against emerging ransomware threats.
Learning Objectives
•    Provide thought leadership to current cyber security events
•    Share industry experience and how they have impacted health systems.
•    Educate leaders on what core security program elements should be foundationally in place.


Intermountain Healthcare: Innovating Healthcare with Enterprise Analytics Product Strategy
Provider Spotlight
Provider Spotlight

Intermountain Healthcare embeds data and analytics within business strategy and digital transformation to accelerate decision making, improve performance, and create scale. They will share their approach to developing a human-centered analytics product strategy to create a culture of data empowerment. See how this data strategy is applied in a deeper exploration of use cases to close care gaps and improve diversity and inclusion to support actionable insights. 

Leading-Edge Payer-Provider Collaboration: At Banner|Aetna, It’s All For One and One For All
Provider Spotlight
Provider Spotlight

Robert Groves, M.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Banner|Aetna, a health insurance plan in Arizona formed as a joint venture between Banner Health and Aetna. In this session, Dr. Groves shares with Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland the bold strategies that he and his colleagues are pursuing at Banner|Aetna in order to transform care management for patients/consumers in Arizona, including how they’re leveraging data analytics in order to intervene further upstream, to improve patient/plan member health.

Leveraging Timely Data to Achieve Population Health Success


As the healthcare delivery landscape continues to evolve in response to the pandemic, those who are administering and paying for the care have to navigate a complicated and uncertain future. At the same time, patient care organization leaders have learned plenty about telehealth over the last 18 months and have innovated in ways no one thought was possible. Panelists will describe their most important lessons learned and share perspectives on how they see the future.

Role of ML and AI in Healthcare

Provider spotlight sessions feature local healthcare organization leader(s) discussing how they have changed patient care.

Strategizing Forward on Healthcare IT in a Diffuse, Highly Matrixed Patient Care Organization
Keynote Presentation
Keynote Presentation

Joseph Oddo is Vice President and Chief Information Officer at TriWest Healthcare Alliance, a Phoenix, Arizona-based corporation that manages health benefits under the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) VAPCCC program across all six VA health regions, which cover all 50 states and territories. He will share his perspectives on the strategic, logistical, and resources challenges of managing a team of healthcare IT professionals working across a hugely diffuse geography, and leveraging very diverse sets of resources.

The Growing Role of Data Science in Healthcare
Provider Spotlight
Provider Spotlight

As big data continues to grow in healthcare, so does the need to rethink data strategies. This includes thinking about data architecture, interoperability, analytics, and machine learning / artificial Intelligence. It is important to build career ladders, education, and visibility on the importance of data-focused staff.

The Invisible Threat: Protecting IoT and Medical Devices
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Medical and IoT devices have brought life-changing efficiencies to the healthcare industry, however, many hospitals aren’t aware of all the devices in their network. This creates new opportunities for information to be compromised. Join this session to learn how cloud-based IoT security can protect your health system’s patients, data, financials and reputation.


What Digital Transformation Looks Like in Healthcare
Industry Partner Spotlight
Industry Partner Spotlight

Industry partner spotlights feature engaging, passionate speakers whose talks expose new ideas in healthcare that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to current and future industry trends. Presentations will explore novel and counterintuitive approaches to solving the many complex problems facing our health system.



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