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Ordr delivers unprecedented control for the hyper-connected healthcare system. Institutions utilize Ordr to automate device identification & classification, providing incredibly granular detail on every network-connected device – including comprehensive communication flow mapping and behavioral baselining. More importantly, Ordr gives you the power to proactively regulate & protect every connected device, effectively eliminating vulnerability to nefarious actions. And Ordr gives you the power to implement closed loop security, utilizing the network and security infrastructure you already have in place.

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Maximize Medical Device Utilization

Optimizing Medical Device Management and Security for Clinical Technicians During and Post Covid-19

ProHealth Care

IoT Device Security Made Simple 

Join Ordr's Russell Rice, Vice President of Products, for an Industry Partner Spotlight on Securring Connected Medical Devices

Thursday, October 8, 2020
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Industry Partner Spotlight


Join Ordr's Vice President of products for an engaging session on how leading healthcare organizations are managing connected devices. This session also includes a unique demo.


Russell Rice