Cybersecurity continues to be a significant area of concern, with a higher frequency of multi-million dollar, potentially deadly, security breaches – 63% of which can be attributed to a third party.

Healthcare organizations however must rely on third-party vendors to be in their network in order to help them manage patient critical applications. They often face challenges between ensuring they are providing quick or immediate access to thesel applications so that patient care doesn’t suffer while still maintaining network security.

In this webinar, Justin Strackany, Chief Customer Officer at SecureLink and Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink, will discuss how to ensure that your organization is adhering to HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements specific to vendor remote access while also reducing your organizational risk.

Join us to learn:

  • Takeaways from recent vendor-related data breaches
  • Ways to balance patient care vs security
  • Tools and strategies to ensure third-party accountability and compliance
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