Multiply the Power of Care Teams Exponentially
with AI-powered Solutions

It’s easy to toss around the term artificial intelligence (AI) as if it’s something we all know and understand so well. When many people hear the term AI, however, they tend to imagine a sci-fi world run by a cyborg-like computer brain.

At Nuance, our vision for AI in healthcare is not as melodramatic—but it’s still pretty incredible. It’s a world where technology amplifies intelligence so that care teams are unburdened from the distractions and complexities that get in the way of helping patients.

For us, AI is about making things simpler across the continuum of care. It’s about deconstructing workflows and automating the mundane so that care teams can spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.

We multiply your collective power to improve patient health on a global scale by amplifying, simplifying, and surfacing the knowledge that your care teams rely on every minute of every day.

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